Senior Java developer

What We Expect of You

Skills (technologies – must) / confident knowledge:
- Java 8+.
- Spring Boot.
- OpenApi/ Swagger.
- Maven.
- Eclipse, IntelliJ.
- Bitbucket and Git.
- JUnit, REST-Assured.
- SQL (Oracle).

Skills (technologies – nice to have) / basic level:
- Experience with Openshift 3.11, 4.x.
- Experience with Jenkins.
- Experience with Bash Scripting.
- Experience with Kafka.
- Experience with Tekton.
- Experience with Istio.
- Experience with Kubernetes.
- Experience with MongoDB.
- Experience with Azure.

Skills (methods and approaches) / basic level:
- Git best practices.
- Continuous integration.
- Distributed teams.
- Infratructure as code.
- Reactive application design.
- Microservice design and patterns.
- Agile best practices.

Project Description

IBA Bulgaria Ltd is looking to expand the team with a Middle/Senior Java Developer.

The IBA Group’s organizational structure is worldwide. We have support centers in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa. IBA Group has full legal and organizational capacity to send its experts to these centers or hire local employees.

We have:
- 11 Development Centers in Belarus, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Poland, and the Slovak Republic;
- 2 700+ well-educated multilingual employees;
- 2 000+ projects for customers from 40+ countries: USA, Western Europe, Belarus, Russia, and CIS.

We offer:
- Friendly team of international experts who inspire and support you;
- Medical insurance;
- Flexible schedule;
- Self-education support;
- Paid vacation;
- Paid sick leaves;
- Competitive salary and fair rewards (based upon experience).

Stanislav Sirotin
Personnel specialist:

Stanislav Sirotin

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