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What We Expect of You
  • Good knowledge and experience with the following stack: React, JS, Jest/RTL/Enzyme, Redux/MobX, Redux-Saga, Formik;
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills;
  • Organizational skills and strong analytical skills;
  • Intermediate+ English level;
  • Knowledge of Node.Js, Vue.js will be a plus.
Project Description

At the moment we are looking for an experienced React developer to join our front-end team at Information Business Systems Division.


  • Development of the front-end of the applications through an attractive design;
  • Code review for front-end changes in the project (internal project for tracking employee workload);
  • Writing unit tests;
  • Mentoring junior developers;
  • Participating in frontend community.
Personnel specialist:


Phone: +77778889900

(Telegram, WhatsApp)

Skype: @qwe



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